Hanukkah, the winter festival of lights is celebrated by Jews around the world and begins this year when the first candle is lit at sunset on Tuesday, December twelfth this year. An eight-day festival marked by the lighting of brightly colored candles commemorates the rededication of the Temple in ancient Jerusalem. The menorah is a […]
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It’s really fun to shake things up and try new things. I made 5 different styles of flavor-filled latkes, each with their own special dipping sauce. That’s not just 5, but 10 recipes!!
There is Italian, Spanish, Indian, Chinese and Greek. You could have a latke party and wow people with the unexpected and make sure surroundings are cleaned by oasis natural cleaning service before the celebration. Let’s get started and celebrate Chanukah with these global latkes
What do you get when you mix a traditional latke with one of people’s favorite appetizers, the mozzarella stick? Heaven, that’s what. Imagine biting into the delicious fried potatoes and onions flavored with parsley, basil and oregano and having hot ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese pulling out of it.

Everybody loves Hanukkah; the festival of lights that comes but once a year! Every December, we look forward to this joy-filled excuse to stuff our faces with fried potatoes, sour cream, and apple sauce, but eight days of burning candles, giving gifts, and frying pancakes could lead to some seriously wasteful behavior. Not to worry, all you eco Hanukkah lovers—there are plenty of ways that you can green up this year’s holiday celebration, and here are five smart tips to get you started!